May 04, 2023

Corrigan Moving Systems Wins Top Honors At Unigroup Learning Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Corrigan Moving Systems has once again won the President's Excellence Award at the recent Unigroup Learning Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. As a leading moving company, we have always provided our customers with the highest quality service, and winning this prestigious award again within a decade underscores our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and outstanding customer service.

To be eligible for this award, the branch or moving company must first win a Customer Excellence Award. This is given to agencies with the highest customer satisfaction scores in their respective size categories. This year, the Corrigan Family of Companies won three Customer Excellence Awards, more than any other moving company in the Unigroup network. Leading the charge toward winning this award was our Buffalo, New York branch. As the top recipient of the Customer Excellence Award, their scores made it possible for Corrigan to win the President’s Excellence Award.

“We are so proud of the work we perform and the quality that we offer our customers during their relocations,” said George Griesbaum, General Manager of Corrigan Moving Systems, Buffalo. “This goes to show that when you apply yourself, buy in on the vision of excellence, and provide a work environment with a culture driven by providing the best service to our customers that great results will follow. I could not be prouder of the team we have put together here in Buffalo.”

David Corrigan, President of Corrigan Moving Systems, spoke of his pride in our company's achievement, stating, "Winning the President's Excellence Award twice in a span of 10 years is a truly remarkable accomplishment. We are incredibly proud of every employee in our organization who contributed to this achievement. It speaks volumes about the level of consistent quality we provide to our customers and the hard work and dedication of our employees. We have a team mindset at Corrigan Moving Systems, and we know that one branch cannot be successful without the help of another. Our employees are the best in the industry, I whole-heartedly believe that."

The Unigroup Learning Conference is the trademark event for Unigroup, attended by hundreds of affiliates from a mix of United and Mayflower agencies throughout the country. The conference includes a series of workshops and courses that offer agents the opportunity to learn new skills and share best practices. The conference concludes with an award ceremony, where the President's Excellence Award is presented to the agency that has demonstrated the highest level of excellence in all aspects of their business.

At Corrigan Moving Systems, we have established a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality moving services to our customers. We offer a wide range of services, including residential moving, commercial moving, international moving and logistics. We also provide storage solutions, packing and crating, and other related services that make the moving process more manageable and stress-free for our customers.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We take great care to ensure that our customers' needs are met, and that the relocation process is as smooth and seamless as possible. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of our customers' belongings, Corrigan Moving Systems provides personalized attention and support every step of the way.

For customers looking for a reliable and trustworthy moving company, Corrigan Moving Systems is ready to be your relocation partner! Our track record of success, combined with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, makes us a standout in the industry. Contact us today to see why Corrigan Moving Systems is considered the best of the best!