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Moving can be a earthshaking event. In the event you are moving around the corner or to another state, there are a lot of matters to care for. Traditionally, relocations are thought to be stressful and quite difficult tasks. But they don’t need to be when you have the right moving team by your side. At Corrigan, Berkley, we have a lot of pride in moving people and our ability to maintain seamless, worry-free moves for you. When it comes to moving companies in Berkley, you will be lucky to find a mover that is able to compete with our moving expertise and experience. When you are wanting to make your relocation as efficient as it can possibly be, all you need to do is contact Corrigan Moving of Berkley today!

Who are we?

Corrigan Moving was formed in 1929. We are approaching 90 years of service. What formed as a small business from a workshop and a few ice-delivery trucks amid the Great Depression has grown into is the most well-known moving company in Michigan. We’ve honed our expertise throughout time and have attained the required tools to service nearly any moving request. If you need to move heavy equipment internationally or relocate your home or office, you can trust Corrigan Berkley to handle the task completely as agreed to.

For more than 90 years, we have remained committed to always doing the right thing by our customers, in spite of any circumstances. This is obvious in all the good customer satisfaction surveys we have earned . Founder, Frank "the Chief" Corrigan, believed that the company needed to play a compelling role in the betterment of our community. This approach to business is continued throughout the Corrigan family, delivering fine moving services and engaging in charity activities.


Our team of professionals

Corrigan Moving's employee selection method is intentionally strict. We coach our crews to the greatest moving and storage standards. We virtually determine the standard, to be honest, modest. Our approach is under no circumstances engage in "on-the-job-training", as that is never a good idea in the moving industry. We coach our movers in-house, at our training facilities in Farmington Hills, Michigan. They learn how to accurately pack, how to move sizable items without possible mishaps, and many more functional moving techniques. Our training process is not finished until the trainee is completely up to our elite principles.

The basis of why we do this is that we consider moving to be artistry. That means our professionally trained movers have acquired the vital skills and comprehension before arriving at your home. While this is not the most cost-effective way of doing things, it is the best way of doing things right for our customers. At Corrigan Moving, we remain committed to providing the greatest benefit to our customer.

But technique and teaching can only get you so far. Our moving team is also full of understanding. They care about your goods like they were their own and will see that they are delivered undamaged and on-time. The Chief's code is very simple, after all. Always do the right thing.


Moving services Berkley knows and trusts

When you are planning a move, you will need to have access to a variety of moving resources. Therefore, you will want to consider a mover that provides a moving service for any endeavor. At Corrigan Moving, we divide our services into home moving and commercial moving services. Here's what we have to offer:


Household Goods Moving Services

  • Local moving - If you are planning to relocate within Berkley or in the nearby area, our local moving services are available to prepare you with the ideal combination of quality and competitive pricing.
  • Long-distance moving – Our bundle of services includes advising with creating and customizing an incomparable moving plan, all while strengthening your moving finances.
  • International moving – Allow our team to help you with all the details you need regarding international moving, no investigating is necessary on your part. That said, we will also oversee the safe and timely delivery of your belongings.
  • Vehicle shipping - We operate a fleet of built-in lift gate trailers, driven by experienced drivers. We’ll transport your wheels securely to a new location, without a scratch.
  • Storage services – If you’re wanting the maximum protection for your belongings while you are away, you can always store them in our secure storage facility.


Business and Commercial Moving Solutions

  • Office relocation - We approach office relocations with complete care, hustle, and efficiency. Anticipate your business suspension to be reduced when working with Corrigan Moving of Berkley.
  • Employee moves - Our experience in moving will allow your employees to focus on their work responsibilities while we administer all the moving needs.
  • Military moving - Corrigan Moving's GSA Quality Management Team is capable of handling any government business with profound confidentiality, as well as a commanding degree of professional care and integrity.
  • Logistics - Our first-class logistics services is certain to have significant impact when handling complex logistics assignments.
  • Library relocations - Corrigan Moving Farmington Hills has a great deal of knowledge with relocating library materials and equipment. Our team is trained to keep items organized from beginning to end, eliminating unintended efforts from being created.
  • Medical Centers and Laboratories – We provide services for moving any medical hardware such as freezers, dialysis machines, MRI machines as well as any other specialized equipment.
  • Warehousing and Distribution – Our proprietary internet-based asset management system at your service. The program can be tailored to accommodate the requirements of any partner and provide them with necessary product and inventory visibility.

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As you are aware, when looking for moving companies Berkley has to offer, your number one choice is Corrigan Moving of Berkley. We may not be the cheapest mover on the market, however we do provide the most value for your money. Contact us for a free estimate now and experience the difference what makes Corrigan Moving the best moving company in Berkley!

No matter where you are now, or where you are going, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations are able to take you wherever you want to go in the world.

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