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When you are relocating a home or an office, there will likely be heavy and bulky furniture to relocate. That’s why you need to hire a relocation company that provides furniture installation solutions. You also need your mover to have extensive knowledge, a sterling background, and a top trained workforce. Corrigan Moving checks all these requirements and many more.

With our help, you will not need to be concerned about your furniture installation and assembly, as our crews will manage it for you . Request a complimentary estimate today and begin your relocation in the best possible way!

Furniture installation made easy

While our installation services are accessible to any move category, it’s business relocations that profit most from them. There is a ton that goes into commercial moving, after all. You require a company to help you streamline packing, storage, disassembly, and set up at your new space. Corrigan Moving can handle all these services for you, guaranteeing that you can begin doing business in the least amount of time. Our crews will provide you with the contentment that comes with knowing that your new location will be handled the correct way, the first time. This will eliminate much of the worry that comes with moving to a new space and deliver you with the proper assistance to return to business.

Here's what you can expect from our installation & disassembly solutions:

We fully believe that each relocation is different. That’s why our crews will collaborate with you to construct the finest possible moving plan, enabling you to reduce the time it takes for you to begin conducting business again.

Unmatched training and experience

Our organization charts its origin far back to 1929 when our founder Frank The Chief Corrigan started helping individuals relocate. Back in those days, all we owned were a couple ice delivery vehicles, wonderful determination, and sound ethics. Though we’ve upgraded past the ice delivery trucks long ago, our ethics and determination to be the best movers in the country remained. Our founder instilled in us with a basic value: Always do the right thing! and we maintain it to this day.

In our nearly 100 years of service, we have encountered almost everything that the moving business has to offer. We have handled all types of moves, simple and large, to the complete contentment of our customers. But our experience is only a single piece of what embodies Corrigan Moving a leader in the moving business. The true element of why we have won so many moving accolades is because of how we instruct our employees.

When you partner with us to assist you with furniture installation, you are receiving an impeccably educated workforce. We train our moving staff in-house and have built a specialized training facility for the reason. It’s our opinion that you truly cannot do the right thing if you do not appreciate how to handle it in the first place. Therefore, before any one of our crews gets to handle any systems furniture piece that belongs to our clients, they will already have taken apart and assembled dozens of comparable items. This education and expertise allows our movers to be extremely methodical in what they complete. Also, it increases the safety of your furniture pieces, and that is what proper relocation is all about.

Moving solutions for any scenario

You can get our furniture installation services as a piece of a home or office relocation bundle, or by themselves. The crucial piece is that you have access to nearly every relocation service should you require it. Depending on the move type, you might want to look into commercial relocation solutions to enhance your furniture installation. Despite what your relocation needs, you can trust Corrigan Moving to assist you with it. Below are a few of the offerings that we can supply for you:

At Corrigan Moving, we are proud of being ready to provide a offering for any relocation, regardless of the scope, size, or challenge. Our "backyard" is the state of Michigan, however we can supply transportation services around the world. With our network, experience, expertise, and knowledge, there is no relocation that we can’t handle!

We also understand that each relocation is special, which is why our coordination team will partner closely with you to create a process that fills your requirements . You’ll have partner with top experts in the trade, professionals that can provide you with wisdom that can lower your relocation costs, help you begin business quicker, and much more.

Relocate without any worries with Corrigan Moving!

If you are searching for a relocation business to facilitate furniture installation for you, a company that you can depend on for any moving service, one that has almost 100 years of history in the relocation field and educates their staff the best, there is only one answer: Corrigan Moving. We will help you achieve a smooth, worry-free, timely relocation process. Contact us today and see why we’re considered the top solution for your furniture installation needs!

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