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Farmington Hills Residential Moving

Relocating should be one of the most impactful periods of your life. It can be a momentous occurrence, an opportunity to grow and flourish. Although this sounds like a wild dream – it is more than attainable. You don’t even need pass up your free time to make it happen. All it takes is reaching out to Corrigan Moving. Our company has helped Farmington Hills neighbors with residential moves for more than 90 years. We have the experience, training, and vans to make your move seamless. No need to be dreaming of an amazing move. Reach out today and set it in motion.

Over 90 years of experience – at your service

Corrigan Moving is a family-owned and operated company established in 1929. Our origins go even further back - to 1923 and a two-man ice delivery business. Then, the Great Depression hit. Our founder saw the hardships people experienced when moving, so he began assisting them with his truck. A side hustle became an idea. The idea evolved into a passion. A tiny garage apartment and repurposed ice delivery truck became one of the first moving companies in Michigan.

Now, we are one of the biggest residential movers in the USA. But, we don’t stray from the founding vision. Our mission remains a straightforward one: grant each of our clients the best moving experience ever. To that end, we’re constantly expanding our capabilities and expertise. We are always looking for ways to enhance our operating methods. Our services developed into a complete set of solutions to make residential moves seamless and smooth.


We are residential mover Farmington Hills can rely on

For Corrigan Moving, courtesy and dependability are not optional. They are essential. We don’t offer half-baked solutions - not in our services and not in our movers. That is why we do not allow on-the-job training. Our employees do not use your belongings as a training range. They do not cut their teeth on your property. Rather, we constructed our own training grounds at our home office where we reproduce realistic moving conditions and educate our movers to:

  • Navigate many moving scenarios – breakable items, stairs, tight hallways
  • Use modern equipment to improve safety
  • Work rapidly and efficiently
  • Counter potential complications before they occur

Because of this, you're working with a complete mover: totally trained, dependable, resourceful. And above all, capable to assist you through the process from origin to destination.


Residential moves are easy with all the correct plans

Often people are trepidatious toward moving, and for good reason. Devising a plan and managing every detail can leave you exhausted. Planning can take up all your extra time. Ongoing running and making essential decisions on the fly is stressful. From our perspective – that’s everything moving shouldn’t be.

Fortunately, we thrive at making your relocation the complete opposite of the above hypothetical scenario. That is why we created the best residential moving services in Farmington Hills:

With our planning, you can make your move smooth and easy.


Our solutions adapt to meet your needs

In 90 years of helping areas in Farmington Hills, we have handled countless of moves. This gives us considerable insight into the course and all the steps involved. Yet one simple truth always maintained: Every person is unique and the moving plan needs to account for this. This is why our services boast continual adaptability.

Before your move even starts, our consultants will create a moving plan suitable for you. We will adapt our services to the unique challenges of your home. This way, we'll provide everything you require for a smooth transition. With us, you will always have the ideal necessary services for your relocation.


Move locally as easy as 123

In theory, local relocations should be the most simple. In essence, it is a simple hop from one side of town to another. Factually that is true. Realistically, however, local moves are on par with any other. There are still problems to overcome and choices to make. In addition, in spite of how far you’re moving, all your items still needs to be packed, padded, loaded onto the truck and unloaded.

That is why we carry out all residential moves the same, regardless of distance.


Depend on the best residential movers Farmington Hills offers when your move needs long-distance travel

Cross country relocations add another layer of involvement to the moving process. As miles increase, so do the coordinating concerns. There's more forethought and arranging involved. It can be quite a painstaking task. Yet, it's one Corrigan Moving is comfortable with completing daily.

We boast some of the most skilled long-distance movers and drivers in the nation. The team assigned to you will assure all your expectations are met. We'll manage all the difficult parts of the move, so you can manage your energy. After we get the show on the road, we will provide ongoing updates on your belongings. Our professionals will coordinate with you and our crews to assure everything falls into place. Simultaneously, your job will be to enjoy your move.


Your ideal move is just a step away

Overwhelming as it may seem, moving is one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime. Yes, it is challenging. And, yes, there are obstacles to overcome. Yet, with Corrigan Moving by your side, you will not have to tackle any of them solo. Our 90+ years of past moves and training are sufficient to ease your move. Add to that the best residential movers Farmington Hills has to offer, and you’ve got an event you can entirely enjoy. Contact Corrigan Moving to take the first step toward your perfect move.

No matter where you are now, or where you are going, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations are able to take you wherever you want to go in the world.

Start planning your stress-free move with our library of resources
Browse through our curated collection of resource materials put together to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.