Farmington Hills Library Movers

Moving even a small-scale library can be a very complex and intricate process. Sustaining Dewey Decimal integrity during the move is imperative for a systematic and time-sensitive delivery. Books have additional worth than what their market price can display, a certainty that Corrigan Moving is fully mindful of. Our library movers are available to carefully relocate your complete collection to the new location, despite the size, complexity, or scope of the project. Reach out to us today and receive a complimentary quote to get started!

100 years of moving experience at your fingertips

Corrigan Moving opened its business to the community all the way back in 1929. At the organization's foundation, our patriarch Frank The Chief Corrigan trusted us with an easy, yet powerful mantra: Always do the right thing. This principle steered us from a tiny workroom we began in to growing into the largest moving business in the Midwest. Today, we’re capable of performing any move, despite its kind and scope.

When we started focusing in library relocations, we found the need for a business that can complete tasks in a simple, quick, and attentive way. Our library movers are qualified in creating individual, adapted moving plans, ensuring that your requirements are always achieved. That is what doing the right thing entails. Every library is distinct and demands a custom method when it comes to transferring it. Our library moving solutions are completely changeable. Every client of Corrigan Moving gets just what they need.

With the resources at our disposal, we can handle library relocations throughout the United States and also throughout the globe. Whether you must relocate a local library to another location or a large research library to a different country, you can trust in us to make it easy for you.


Special collections relocation

When your library includes special collection materials, relocating them is a project that needs to be completed with extreme caution. All of the special pieces demand delicate management and expert hands. Additionally, the fragile character of these articles routinely needs precise moisture and climate management. In other words, you need a library moving organization that has all the necessary resources.

When you hire Corrigan Moving, you receive all those resources in one place. You will not be required to employ several relocation partners and complicate events even further. We can fully exceed all your needs and details head-on. Strategizing a move should be an event that you enjoy. Our employees are all highly knowledgeable individuals, with thorough knowledge in relocating high-value pieces. Our business policy is to never work with any day laborers or subcontract our relocation projects: it’s the sole way we can ensure we do right by our customers.


Deinstallation, transportation, and installation

Despite handling all the challenging logistics, our library movers can help you with all the necessary undertakings that a library move entails. This consists of deinstallation of the library's racking units, in addition to handling furnishings, technology gear, and the rest of the infrastructure. In other words, our movers will be guiding you until your new premises are fully ready to accept the books and begin business functions. We can manage these relocations anywhere in the country or worldwide. For global relocations, we sustain a vast network of the finest quality affiliates that aid with pieces of the process.

Certainly, the books themselves will be kept fully categorized during the project, until the moment arrives for them to be placed back on the racks, in the same arrangement.


Your reliable experts

Should this be the first time you're facing a library move, there might be a lot of unknowns. You may need someone to advise you on how to progress, and how to make the best from the relocation. With Corrigan Moving handling your relocation, you will always have access to exceptional information and instruction. We will support you through the preparation process, fulfillment, as well as authentication. Our consultants will help you create an audit trail for your documents, move your articles with caution and care, and help you attain an easy and systematic relocation.

Relocating books, shelves, and technological equipment are just one piece of a library move. If you also require to move offices, we can assist with that, too!


Additional Moving Solutions

As a full-service relocation company, we offer commercial solutions. We want to be your "one-stop-shop" when you think of a moving project. Here is what we can currently supply:

Normally, you would be required to enlist multiple moving companies to receive all these solutions. However with Corrigan Moving, you don't have to. We can assist you with every kind of relocation project, regardless of how complicated, intricate, or difficult it can be.

If you have a more unusual requirement, share it with us! We are constantly refining the scope and assortment of our solutions, all to move us a step closer to our ideal of always doing the right thing for our customers. When you reach out to Corrigan Moving with a moving project, issue, or obstacle, you can expect it to be managed in the best possible method.

If you are looking for accomplished, accomplished, and conscientious library movers, all you should do is give Corrigan Moving a call. We will help you arrange, manage, and achieve a move process you will be truly pleased with. Contact us today and book your effortless library move!

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