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June 16, 2022

How to Plan for a Relocation Alone and Remain Organized


Prepping for a relocation is a thrilling time that usually needs a lot of planning in a small period of time. If you are navigating this journey by yourself, you may be feeling a bit of pressure to get ahead of schedule while staying up with your normal tasks. There’s no need to feel as though you need to go through this journey by yourself. Start by reviewing the below preparation tricks and resources to help choose where you might need some support, so you can be more prepared and excited about this process. With Corrigan Moving, you will never feel alone or unassisted throughout this exhilarating new experience!

Schedule a walkthrough of your new house

One of the first and most important steps before relocating your items into your new place is studying your new place to get a better feeling of the rooms with nothing inside. In this walkthrough, you can take notes to be sure the floors, walls, appliances, doors, and exterior seem up to your contract’s specifications and indicate any distinct issues you must to discuss with your agent. You should be checking your contracts to ensure the requirements match what you’re documenting in terms of the status of the space. Also, you will want to analyze the property carefully and if there are problems you should promptly communicate with your real estate agent so they can be handled as soon as possible to avoid future issues.

Declutter your belongings beforehand

Consider your move as a way to get a bunch of spring cleaning finished so you can start fresh in your new house. Avoid bringing pieces, furniture, clothing, and decor that you simply don’t use or aren’t a fan of. If you feel like you have a good amount of pieces you don’t plan to bring, evaluate having a garage sale, listing possessions online, or donating to local charities. There is no cause to be hauling additional stuff when it’ll simply cost you extra time and money – especially if you have a long-distance relocation before of you. You can certainly make decluttering more fun than it sounds. Invite a friend over to sort through your clothes and see if they would like anything you’re tossing. Crank up your preferred playlist and move through one section at a time, making stacks of what you want to move and what is for donation or sale.

Create a packing plan for every space

When you’ve gotten rid of the unnecessary items, now the exciting part begins. Packing methodically is critical to ensure all your possessions make it to your new home securely and undamaged. If you intend to do your own packing, maintaining systematic boxes helps make unpacking a cakewalk. Making a record of all your possessions and coordinating what every box includes will be incredibly helpful. You should mark the exterior of your boxes with the contents, room and your last name, so you realize what is in them swiftly, how heavy they are, and if they include fragile pieces. Keep in mind, the more organized you are early in the preparation stage, the smoother it’ll be unpacking and getting things organized in your new home. And since Corrigan Moving never neglects you, just let us know if you would would rather us to do the packing for you! Your relocation expert will be pleased to give you an estimate for packing everything, or only a few pieces you’d rather have it professionally handled.

Plan to change utilities and services

A further useful relocation task that’ll make your process significantly smoother in your new home is changing utilities and services to your new location. To ensure you have power, running water, functioning equipment, and so on, it’s important to contact your utility service providers with your moving details. Considering their appointments get booked up as well, coordinate with your realtor when you can relocate in and tell them of the timeline of transfer.

There could be some info you want to check connected to a current home warranty policy; particularly to check if you can take it over to cover your appliances and important systems in your house. All house warranty companies provide multiple policies; some encompass protection for smaller in-home appliances such as a refrigerator, whereas others cover more expensive systems like your furnace. That’s why, it’s good to understand what protection you have if you purchase a policy on the house. When the present contract ends, you can determine if you would like to keep the coverage or change policies to a new company or plan.

Be realistic about your needs and money

Instead of pushing yourself to be able to manage all things solo, consider what would be largely beneficial to outsource. Corrigan Moving can manage just large pieces of furniture, or all items. Evaluate your time and finances, and let our relocation representatives partner with you for the best relocation plan. Cleaning is another crucial piece of the process, so instead of moving everything into a semi-clean space, you might want to hire a business to do a full deep clean before you begin bringing in your possessions. It is up to you and what will save you time while staying within a moving allowance. From transportation to hotels, to supplies and services, it’s easy to see how expenses can start adding up. By crafting a budget for yourself, you can accurately outsource where needed and spend your money on services you can’t do alone.

Ask friends and family for help

If you have friends and family close to where you presently live in or are near the areas you’re relocating to, coordinate time for them to pop over and help you out. Frequently, friends are willing to help out. You’d be shocked what another pair of hands or eyes can do when you are in the starting stages of establishing your new space. If you have a friend who is great at organization, they may be able to keep a list while you put everything in a box, permitting you to multitask. Don’t sprint to get it all done in a day, a week, or even your first month. The most imperative part is relocating all your pieces to your new residence, guaranteeing everything is running as planned, and making required payments.

Moving by yourself needs a lot of coordination and organization if you plan for things to run smoothly. While that is correct, partnering with Corrigan Moving is a great weight lifted from your shoulders. We will partner with you to craft a unique relocation plan, based on your timeline and funds. By planning ahead of time, partnering with Corrigan Moving, and allowing others to lend a helping hand, you can still make moving into your new residence a stress-free operation and a fresh new journey!